Top 10 happiest countries in the world

Top 10 happiest countries

Top 10 happiest countries in the world to visit in 2019

According to the United Nations survey on happiest countries in the world, it measures the quality of life for citizens around the world by conducting various surveys and data analysis reports. These countries are selected on the basis of good governance, high quality of life, a strong sense of community and respect for fellow citizens. These are also wonderful places to travel along with valuing public trust, generosity and providing good customer service to the travelers.

The World Happiness Report (WHR) provide a brief description of the levels of happiness of all countries in the world. The happiness level rankings are entirely based on the perspectives of national happiness based on the well-being and living standards of life of the people.


AustraliaAustralia, which holds 10th position in the list of happiest countries in the world has Happiness Index: 7.139. It is known for the endless beautiful golden beaches with extraordinary weather. The people here have a unique and quality lifestyle owing to their happiness. Also known for very low levels of pollution and high levels of civic engagement adds up to the happiness levels of the country.

The country is the 13th largest economy of the world and holds the tenth highest rate of per capita income. The quality of life in Australia is too high keeping in view the overall health, economic freedom, and political rights. Australia holds membership in Commonwealth of Nations, ASEAN Plus mechanism, G20, the United Nations, and the World Trade Organization as well. Australia witnesses large no of tourists visiting the country. The Great ocean road is an internationally recognized tourist destination.


Sweden is a Scandinavian country located in the Northern European region with the world happiness index of 7.314.

The country has a mixed economy and the government takes extra measures to end poverty by taking control of all the major resources. It lies close to Norway, Finland, and Denmark and is connected through bridge-tunnel to Denmark. Sweden is also known to be the third largest one in the entire European Union. The country also has low population density comparatively and about 85% of the people tend to choose the urban areas of the country.

Sweden is the seventh richest country in the world and because of the higher rate of GDP per capita income, people of Sweden experience a high living standard. The economy focuses on the export of iron, timber and hydropower resources giving much emphasis on foreign trade as well.

The country contributes to happiness levels of the country by providing better health care and education facilities for the citizens. The national performance, prosperity, and equality of its citizens are the metrics contributing to the top position of Sweden among the happiest countries.

New Zealand

New ZealandNew Zealand ranks at the 7th position with a happiness index score of 7.324 as published by the UN. It is a happiest sovereign island country which is situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It has two main large islands and other numerous islands. The happiness score includes its health, education, quality of life and revenue. New Zealand has been ranked higher in national performance which includes higher rates in health, education, and quality of life and also its dominance in the agricultural, industrial and economic sectors. As per the revenue scores are concerned, the tourism industry plays an important role in its revenue score. The country has beautiful and rich diverse biodiversity of animals and plants life along with many other attractions like mountain peaks and varied topography that attract the tourists. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, and Auckland is the most populous city in the country.


With the Happiness Index score of 7.328, Canada’s happiness metrics includes peak life expectancy ratio, small population, and beautiful landscapes within the country. This country is located in North America and has a large landscape area that makes the country the second largest one in the entire world by area. The country has a heterogeneous group of people amongst which the major part of the population in Canada is focused on settling down in the urban cities. It is also a multicultural nation even at official levels contributed by the multicultural behavior of a large number of immigrants residing in the country. The climate of the country varies depending on the areas and there are four different seasons.

Canada has a federal democracy with a constitutional monarchy system. Also, the country is the tenth largest one in the world by the economy and it completely relies on its natural resources and well-formed trade networks of the country.

One of the major features of Canada is the long-standing relationship of the country with the United States that accounts for the economic balance. It also holds the tenth rank in the human development index globally.


Also known as Holland, Netherland is a famous country that exists in Western Europe. It is a high paced, easygoing and well known for its iconic view. The term Netherlands means lower countries which are correctly defined by its small and flat geography.

It is the second largest exporter of agricultural and food products all over the world owing to the fertility of the soil and the mild climatic conditions of the country. This position is contributed to by the developed agricultural methods adopted in the country. The Netherlands is a liberal country that focuses on organized ruling with legalized rules for prostitution, abortion, and euthanasia. One of the major organized factors is the maintenance of a progressive drug policy system. It has a happiness index score of 7.441 owing to better healthcare services, good educational benefits, many social benefits, progressiveness, and very high-quality living.


SwitzerlandSwitzerland is one of the most developed countries with higher nominal wealth per adult. And it has the eighth highest per capita GDP. It has a happiness index of 7.487 taking into consideration the metrics including government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, human development and economic competitiveness. Switzerland is a sovereign state of Europe and is divided within the regions of the Alps, Swiss, and Jura. Switzerland is surrounded by amazing views of mountains and soaked in luxury life. The unique features of its happiness include the booming economy, clean environment, interesting infrastructure, and educational services besides political stability. The financial welfare and outstanding social support also add to the high happiness index score. The average Swiss life involving nature, serenity and the politeness of people enhance Swiss happiness.

The country is the birthplace of international organizations like the Red Cross and the UN office. It is a federal country with the historical background and values of federalism that contributes to the identity of the country. It is also known by multiple names as Suisse, Svizzera, and Svizra.


It had also been ranked as the ninth most developed country in the world with a higher Global Peace Index as well. Iceland has no standing army force but only the light coast guard that take charge of the defense. The country is ranked with happiness index score 7.495 based on social support, its mindset about corruption and generous nature which make it the top fourth happiest country in the world. Also, amenities like low tax rates and rich services in educational and healthcare systems contribute well to its happiness score. It is also known as the most established published country as one out of ten residents in the country write books.

Iceland has been regarded as the most peaceful and fair country in the North Atlantic. It is a Nordic island country that is sparsely populated with a population of only 348,580 and is a geologically active country with lava fields and glaciers. Iceland has a moderate temperature climate as the Gulf Stream keeps the country warm. Its social welfare system provides universal services for education and health care. The political, economic, social stability and equality are the main features contributing to its high rank amongst the world.

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DenmarkDenmark is one of the economically and socially developed countries all over the world. It is also a member of the European Economic Community and Nordic Council. The citizens of the country have a high living standard owing to their education services, health care facilities, prosperity, progressiveness, and human development. It has a population of just 5 million that contribute to the export and agriculture which makes the country hold a good position of exporter and agriculture producer. Denmark is also known for the highest social mobility and a higher level of income equality with very low levels of corruption rate. Its high rank is also contributed by the increased per capita rate and highest personal income tax which all together contribute to the Happiness Index of 7.555. The kingdom of Denmark has been placed in the third position of the top 10 happiest countries of the world.

Much of the happiness levels of Danish people are contributed by their living styles and leisure time as explained by Danish term “hygge” which means social and intimate get-togethers with family and friends. Good government healthcare systems because of high taxes provide free access to the hospitals. Their great love for a bicycle is one of the important happiness contributors. It has a mixed economy with social and labor market reforms initiation, also Denmark has a democratic system with a constitutional monarchy. Copenhagen which is the capital of the country is also a major commercial place and the largest city of Denmark.


Norway holds the second rank in the list of World Happiness Report with a happiness index of 7.594. Norway is a unitary sovereign state located in Northwestern Europe with a population of about 5,258,317. It has many beautiful landscapes that add to its beauty. It also holds an expensive coastline that lies towards the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea. The features contributing to the happiness levels are social equality and welfare rank, global prosperity indexes and also beautiful landscapes.

Norway’s economy relies on its oil and hydro-power sectors along with its natural gas resources, this is why it is the biggest producer of natural gas in the Middle East regions. The country holds a high per capita income and is the largest sovereign wealth fund. It also has a high Human Development Index ranking. The country has very low crime rates which makes it quite safe for living along with an enhanced healthcare system and comprehensive social security system that contribute to happy living. The country’s administrative system ensures a proper ruling system and also has healthy relationships with the European Union and the United States. This country is a founding member of organizations; the United Nations, NATO, the Council of Europe and the European Free Trade Association.


Finland has been ranked as the king of happiest countries in the world. This is also a Nordic country which is located in Northern Europe with Helsinki as its capital and is the largest city in the country. Finland has a history of agricultural based development and its economic standards were raised after it developed through the industrialization which also led to an increase in the highest per capita income in the world.

The country is has been ranked at the top in many aspects like education, quality of life, civil liberties, crime rate, healthcare services, basic amenities and overall development of humans. It has been ranked as the first in the world human capital and the Press Freedom Index and also holds the second position in the Global Gender Gap Report. It is also known as the most stable country. According to United Nations reports, the happiness index of Finland at the top position as the happiest country is 7.632.

It’s high environmental standards, income, social support, freedom of living, generosity and very low threat level make Finland a better and amazing place on earth to live. It has been among the least corrupt countries and the most socially progressive ones. Its police system is the world’s most trusted and has soundest banking systems. It has shown the consistency of happiness among the immigrants as well as the residents of Finland.



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