Best Social Media Apps of 2020: TikTok, Insta, Snapchat, Tinder

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Social media apps and sites are a major platform for promoting all kinds of businesses on the Internet. Therefore it becomes extremely important to figure out the most popular social media sites for reaching the audience. To utilize the social media power in the best way, you need to be aware of the most popular and top most social media apps and sites and you must be able to identify the best ones as there are so many vying for your attention. With the growing craze for online shopping, the social networking apps and sites have become a platform to promote businesses as well as shop directly through them.

The world’s most popular social media apps have changed over the years and they are undoubtedly changing with the times ahead. Most of the old networking sites would just be out and the popular ones would stay and be evolved further. The new social media apps would keep coming.

Here’s a profile of 20 top most trending social media sites to keep you informed.

Facebook – facebook login
FacebookIt is the top most social networking sites on the web. It has about 2 billion users that are active monthly and more than one million users log into Facebook every day. With many faults, it is still the most preferred choice and an ultimate place to get connected to people in your lives around the globe. One can spend many hours on the site for entertainment and interaction with the followers and knowns.

Facebook messenger is also one of the preferred messaging app and second most used after WhatsApp.

Instagram – instagram search – instagram login

TwitterInstagram is the most popular social networking site for photo sharing, it is for those who are most interested in viewing real time images and short video clips. It has now grown up to be a leading advertising platform for generating income for brands and businesses. The app was earlier available for iOS and at got available for Android as well after rising popularity. It is the most interesting social media apps than many others with quite useful filtering features to edit pics.

It is a social media site for posting short text messages –tweets containing characters with 280 character limit to convey your messages across the world. This is one to go site for breaking news, any instant reactions or access to favorite celebrities. Twitter is an unrivalled resource for real time information. You can access Twitter as an information site for sports, news, entertainment, politics and much more.

LinkedInLinkedIn has grown to be the most popular professional social networking site for job search. It has evolved to be a professional space where all the types of industry professional experts share content, network and build a brand. It is also a platform for business holders to establish their business and leadership in their field along with attracting the required talent to their company. LinkedIn helps in growing businesses by offering advertising medium as boosting your content, sending personalized ads to LinkedIn inboxes, and displaying ads.

It is one of the most sought after platform to connect with different businesses, locate as well as hire ideal and suitable candidates.

SnapchatSnapchat is an app exclusively for young persons, for instant messaging, sharing photos and short videos –known as snaps between friends and knowns. It offers many features like self-destructing images, messaging and gamification features. It is becoming the fastest growing app with the popularity of its self-destructing images. With snapchat, a photo or short video messages are sent to a friend, and they automatically disappear a few seconds after they have been viewed. It is one such app that provides more personal and intimate space than other platforms.


Tumblr is a social networking site as well as microblogging platform which helps you find and follow things that you like. It allows you to post text, links, photos, videos, audios and other media content onto your blog page, which is then followed by the other users. This app also allows you to customize everything on your blogs or posts as its network supports HTML editing to help you customize the look and layout of your posts and blogs.

PinterestThis is a photo sharing and visual bookmarking social media site or app where people approach to discover new ideas, things and get inspired by the unique ideas. Pinterest provides many interesting DIY ideas, tasks for home décor, travel and lots of other concepts.  People using Pinterest get access to new ideas about businesses and have a unique opportunity to shape their decisions about what they want to try or buy. It is actually a platform that inspire others with a focus on themselves- their hobbies, interests and likes. It is actually best described as an image bookmarking site with great DIY ideas to inspire you.

Sine Weibo

It is an alternate for twitter, which is banned in china, for Chinese users. It is a hybrid mix of features of Facebook and Twitter like 140-character microblogging, uploading of photos and videos, comments on posts, and verification of accounts. It has 400 million active users which makes it one of the most popular and active social networking site across the globe.

Facebook set to launch a blockchain


It is one of the most happening platform on the web for the like-minded people on the internet. It includes a very strong and smart community of people who use Reddit as discussion forum and content submission site. People come together to talk about the topics they love along with sharing links, photos and videos. The site is divided into subreddits where like-minded people share content that is relevant to the subreddit topic thread in which they participate. It also allows users to up vote and down vote posts to influence popular topics.

It has a massive user base covering wide range of perspectives and ideas along with organization of contents.

Facebook Set To Launch A Blockchain

TiktokIt is one of the latest and rising social media apps on the social media. It is an entertainment based short form video sharing social media app where you can share short videos recorded up to 60 seconds, edit them, and add music and special effects to them. It has very recently acquired that is a similar music video social network that is also getting lots of attention. It is emerging as a social media sensation among youth.


YouTube has been the second largest search engine, the first being Google. It is the premiere place online to watch videos on every topic around the globe and upload your own videos as well. You can find every sort of videos, music, independent films and what not on you tube. If you have kids watching YouTube videos, you can eve set parental controls. YouTube also launched a premium subscription option known as YouTube Red which does not play advertisements within videos. Here, you can find an overwhelming source and volume of information.


Flickr is actually a photo sharing site by Yahoo that existed long before Pinterest and Instagram came into focus. It is still being used as one of the best places to upload photos, comment, and share and like the photos, create albums and to show off photography skills to your friends. It provides free as well as paid options to share photos. The Flickr users can upload to 1,000 GB photos for free to Flickr which can then be organized and edited as per the likes of the users.


Tinder is a famous location-based dating app providing social platform for single users to find a suitable match. Tinder allows users to set up a brief profile which mainly highlights their photo, and if anyone who’s matched up to them can swipe right to like their profile or left to pass on it to leave it as a match. After a match between two, both of users can start chatting privately with each other using the tinder app. Tinder is absolutely free, but its premium features allow users to connect with people in other locations, undo swipes and get more “Super Likes” to let another user know that they’re extra special. It is considered to be a large dating pool providing fun ways to interact with new and interesting people.

WhatsAppIt is currently one of the most popular instant messaging app being used worldwide that makes use of your internet connection to send and receive messages across the web. It allows users to send messages to individuals or WhatsApp groups through text, photos, and videos as well as voice messages. WhatsApp makes use of your phone number instead of usernames or pins unlike other social media apps. It supports audio as well as video calling worldwide using internet service. It is quite safe to use as the messages sent across are in encrypted format. One of the most interesting feature is it provides personal space and also offers a few customizable features like profiles, wallpapers and notification sounds.


Slack is also one of the most popular communication platforms available for teams to collaborate closely with one another. It’s actually a social networking app for the workplace. Where team members engage themselves in real-time messaging, integration with other popular services, search for useful files and other information. It keeps the users aware of what’s going on at their work front or in case of any project.  It makes easy to communicate amongst each other for members working from different locations. It also allows integration of third party apps.


It is the best social networking platform for readers and writers. It is just like a blogging platform which is quite similar to Tumblr, but with more emphasis on the posted content. It provides large visibility for the written content as users are able to publish their own stories and format them according to their choice with inclusion of photos, videos, and GIFs to support their storytelling. The published content is driven by the community of users who recommend stories of their interest. It attracts potential amount of money as payment for popular contents published on the site.


Tencent QQ is a social media instant messaging app that is chat based and is more popularly known as QQ. It was launched first in China and rose to popularity to become international as more than 80 countries are using it now. It is instant chat app which is used to stay in touch with friends and closed ones through texts, video calls and voice chats. It has a built-in translator to translate your chats.

Swarm by Foursquare

Foursquare is a social media app that is location-based and it has been divided into two parts. While the main Foursquare app can be used to find places of interest, events or restaurants at nearby locations, the other – Swarm app is all meant for being social to see the location of your friends and letting them know the time you are checking in, also allowing to chat or planning to meet up at any desired location sometime later.

Social media addiction

Baidu Tieba

Baidu Tieba is a largest Chinese online forum that has been created by Baidu, which is the largest Chinese search engine in the world. It seems to be similar to Reddit, where users can create a forum thread on any particular topic and interact on that topic with one another. It is a social forum network which is based on the keyword searches in the Baidu search engine. This offers a discussion forum and works on the unique concept of creating a social network group for any particular topic, using the search, or even to join an existing online social group.


VKontakte is the one of the most popular social media networking site in Russia which is equivalent of Facebook. It is the most popular site in the country and it shares many of the same features as its American counterpart which includes groups, private messaging, image tagging, event management, and in-app games.



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