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iOS 13 will include a dark mode and new iPad home screen

Apple is planning to introduce a new dark mode in its Ios 13 update later this year. According to the sources, iOS 13 will include a dark mode, which will apparently be system-wide, for easy night-time viewing.

Dark mode won’t be the only major addition to iOS 13; CarPlay improvements are reportedly planned along with the dark screen. iOS 13 will also be said to include a tabbed interface for apps and file management improvements. Apple is also said to be introducing new services into iOS 13, including a magazine subscription service and original video content. We will get a better idea of what features will make it into ios13, including magazine subscription service and original video content.

Apple disables Group Facetime following major security flaws

Apple disables Group FacetimeApple has temporarily disabled its Group Facetime feature in ios and macOS to fix major security flaws. A bug in Apple’s Facetime video calling feature has allowed anyone to call or phone or Mac and listens in before the other person picks up. The flaw work by adding yourself to Facetime before recipient picks up the call.

8 IoT devices that could impact the consumer market in 2019

8 IoT devices that could impactInternet of thing technology is growing, with an increasing number of connected devices joining the market each year. From virtual home assistant to the security system, there is apparently no limit to the usefulness of the IoT across industries and applications.

Apple has disabled the Group Facetime feature on the server side till the next update. A report suggests this has fixed the security flaw for most people. Some are still able to produce this flaw, but it’s likely that Apple is still in the process of replicating this across multiple servers. Apple is also planning to fix this issue on the client side by software update later this week.
What IoT devices you think will have a great impact on the market for the consumer in the coming year and why?
1. Virtual Assistant

Most people will use these devices for ordering and information delivery than ever before as they get used to the idea.

2. Door Locks

Smart door locks are going to become more popular with home and business owner. It will enable users to remotely lock and unlock your door, as well as it has the ability to share access with other users using the mobile app.

3. Air quality controllers

If air quality controller can offer recommendations and alert right on my phone, I think it would offer a different value that isn’t yet available to consumers in a widespread way.

4. Healthcare Variables

Healthcare variables are a growing trend. We all want to know more about our health and how we can improve devices range from yoga pant letting you know if your downward dog is correct, to rings that measure body function, to a device placed on your back to signal bad posture.

5. Cars

There are many IoT technologies we have just started seeing and will begin to see more of in cars in this coming year.

6. Doorbells

This device will notify you on your phone on anytime that someone has stepped on your doorsteps.

7. Refrigerators

IoT connected refrigerator will make it easy to know when you are running low on certain foods. It will reorder items so that they are always on stock.

8. Sleep Trackers

Sleep-tracking wearables are gaining popularity.

Tracking device let you find your keys in seconds

Tracking device let you find your keys in secondsThe device uses Tile Smart Location technology track down your mysterious keys regardless of their location with a simple app. One offer location with simple app. It life’s most aggravating things is losing one’s keys. Keysmart Pro with Tile smart location ensures that you will never have to waste time hunting for your keys.

There is simply never been a better way to find your keys. This device uses Tile Smart Location technology to track down your elusive keys regardless of their location with a simple app. It holds up to ten keys and can be easily carried in your pocket and you will be able to track down your keys on the detailed map.

Boeing’ self-flying air taxi completes first test flight

After Boeing successfully completed its first test flight of an autonomous air taxi, the company see autonomous air vehicle as the future of urban mobility.

Boeing announced that it has completed the first successful test flight of an autonomous air vehicle that could pave the way for widespread use of urban air taxis.

Boeing’s NeXT’s Air Taxi test flight

Being’s NeXT which initialized the development of urban air vehicle for the aerospace company successfully tested its prototype passenger air vehicle (PAV). The test flight saw that PAV takes successfully take off, landing operation successfully, as well as tested its ground control system successfully.

The company states that the future test flights will be scheduled to test the PAV prototype forward, wing-borne flight co-operation.  The prototype is designed for completely autonomous operation from take-off, wing-born flight, hovering and landing with the maximum range around 50 miles. At 30 feet long and 28 feet wide, the prototypes airframe design integrates both the momentum and wing system for improved efficiency

New space technology uses satellite data to predict droughts 5 months in advance

New space technology uses satellite data to predict droughts 5 months in advanceThe researcher at the Australian National University has engineered a new space technology that can predict droughts and fire risk up to five months before they happen.

The researcher gathered data from a bunch of different satellites in orbit to precisely accurately measure the water level below the surface of the earth and managed to relate this data to find out the impact of droughts on vegetarian many months later.

The way these satellites measure the water level is amazing.  According to the researcher, we will be able to use them to detect variation in water availability that affects the growth and condition of grazing land, dryland crops, and forests, and that can lead to increased fire risk and farming problem several months down the track.

PUBG LITE BETA announced for low-end pcs, but it is not playable in India yet

PUBG LITE BETA announcedPUBG Corp. is testing out a lighter version of the game that is meant to run on a system that doesn’t have hardware meeting the game’s minimum or recommended specifications.

A beta version is now live but currently available in Thailand. PUBG Corp. announced the test this week, saying that PUBG Lite is essentially for “players in areas where the core game’s required specifications are more difficult to achieve due to the hardware available.”

As of now, PUBG Lite will feature only the game’s original Erangel map for now with Solo, Duo, and Squad mode available.

China just fired a weather rocket from an unmanned submarine

China has launched a rocketsonde from an unmanned semi-submarine to vehicle to improve meteorological and oceanic monitoring. The rocketstonde will now deliver improved weather and oceanic observations in the  area beyond the range covered by traditional weather balloons.

More economical and applicable weather monitoring

Launched from a long-duration unmanned semi-submarine vehicle (USSV), with strong mobility and with the large coverage of sea area, rocketsonde can be used under severe sea conditions and will be more economical and applicable in the near future.

But that’s not all, The USSV, which is the equivalent of a crewless submarine, will operate as a sea station to collect the data send by rocketsonde. The researcher is planning to expand their range of capture the sounding network on land and to use them to deliver 3D observations of the internal structure of the typhoons and hurricanes to better asset their path and

Starbucks looks to add bitcoin, cryptocurrencies to the payment option

Starbucks recently announced that it would too jump on the cryptocurrency train. The announcement comes as a partnership with Microsoft and a global exchange to develop its own digital platform. The platform would allow to Starbucks fan to pay their morning coffee bills with bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Starcbucks will work alongside with Microsoft and Intercontinental exchange and BCG to create a new platform called Bakkt. Bakkt will allow consumers and retail to buy, sell, and spend their cryptocurrencies on global infrastructure.

Maria Smith, vice-president of partnership and payments of Starbucks said that Starbucks will pay a major important role in developing practical, trusted and regulated application for consumer to convert their digital assets into US assets for use at Starbucks.

Starbucks isn’t alone in the decision. U.S companies like Overstock, Expedia, Shopify, and Microsoft all allowing customers to use cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to purchase goods and services online.

Facebook set to launch a blockchain ‘stablecoin’ in India

Facebook is reportedly developing a cryptocurrency that will be backed by the US dollar making it more stable than other coins. Bloomberg reported the news that the tech giant was creating the coin for use within the Watsapp and messaging app.

It looks like Facebook would first launch the service in India, a country with over 200 million Watsapp users.

Watsapp heavily used in India to send money

According to the World Bank, India sent $69 billion through the app. Stablecoin differentiates themselves from other cryptocurrency coins by being linked to the currencies that will reportedly make them more stable than their typical volatile coins.

11 handy and interesting science apps for smartphones

11 handy and interesting science apps
Earth Viewer: This app lets you explore the history of the Earth on your mobile phone. This app actually helps you to explore the distant past, present, and future of our planet. Users are given the ability to analyze, using interactive maps, the movements of the Earth’s continents over time.

Starwalk/Starwalk2: This app is great for anyone interested in heaven, the app user’s sensors to figure out your location and, therefore, helps you find any heavenly bodies in your field of view. You can even track the ISS score of the sky. This is a handy app to flare up the passion for astronomy or add some science-related conversation starter to an evening’s soiree.

Myshake: This app is developed by researcher at the University of California. The app makes use of phone’s sensor to collect data that it needs and add it to their database. The app is very simple to use and run in the background. The app also has a lot of interesting information to pursue.

Stephen Hacking’s pocket universe: This comes in six beautifully illustrated sections and explores subjects as diverse as the Big Bang, Black Holes, and the expanding Universe. This app provides break down of these subjects into easy understand terms and comes with a useful glossary if you do get stuck.

AcceleratAR: This app lets you build your own AR Particle Accelerator in your room.

Science Journal: Science Journal turns your phone into a piece of scientific apparatus. It let your phone‘s sensor to record data on things around you. You can take a reading of light, sound, and pressure. It can also connect over Bluetooth to further enhance its capabilities. Data can be collected manually and can also be used automatically. It also saves everything for you so that you can later explore it.

Ultimate Dinopedia: Complete Dinosaur Reference:  This app is beautifully illustrated and, contains entries for more than 700 discovered dinosaur diseases. Each entry is packed with full of relevant information and facts. It also has information on other aspects of “Dinosaur-ology” from migration patterns to final extinction.  This is a perfect app for any dinosaur lover.

NASA: NASA’s official app is available on google play and app store as well. This app has been built for interested parties to keep up to date with all the latest news, features and images from the space agency. All users are provided with recent updates on their ongoing missions as well as any news for future development. The photo collection is stunning and you can also save photos of your choice.

BrainPOP: This app is a great source of educational knowledge for all the young adults.

Complete Anatomy: This is one of the best apps for medical students and professionals. It is packed with full of 3D rendered graphics of the human body. The user can explore the human body in detail and its system supported by in-depth information and search function.

Molecules: This app allows you to view and manipulate 3-D modules of molecules.



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