Benefits of rising early

Benefits of rising early

Here, this is in particular with early morning lifestyle changes. Today we are living in such a rush all the time, life is so high paced, that we compromise on our physical and mental health.

For being your most productive self, you need to adapt to healthier changes in your living as well as in your daily routine. As you wake up there’s a long day waiting for you to fight hectic schedules and draining of energy as the day passes by. To fight away with frustration and emotional stress, adapt to early rising and exercising as a great way to start afresh. It is often observed that the morning persons are more productive and optimistic towards life and work. They tend to be high on energy and are hard workers. It is observed that successful people thought out the world are early morning risers.

Sharing the common quote we have been hearing since childhood, “Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.  It holds true and needs to be incorporated into our lives too. Health is an important factor and of great concern in today’s busy and pressured lifestyle. Health is greatly affected by our sleeping habits, it has been studied that people who go to bed late and wake up late are likely to be stressful, depressed, overweight and more likely less active. People who wake up early are more productive in their work as they get enough time to work effectively.
We are living in a world full of technologies that we are highly dependent on. Giving time to your OWN- SELF is highly required today. Rising early morning lets you focus on you, your inner self by doing things like meditation and exercising which make you in a better state of mind, deliver peace and calmness to your inner self. Waking up early creates a positive mind, focusing on the accomplishment of tasks ahead of the day. You tend to be more organized and focused by starting your day with things that provide strength and energy. You can plan and layout your day activities effectively rising early as you have enough time to focus and complete them.

Early rising is beneficial for mental fitness as a good sleep improves our brain functioning and keeps us away from stress and physical strain, thereby leading to a stable overall personality. Morning risers follow a healthy routine whereas waking and staying up till late leads to depression due to irregular schedules, insomnia, and laziness. Going to bed early lets you unwind the tiring day. When you wake up early, it eliminates any rush in the morning and you follow healthy living by having enough time to gain energy boost from Breakfast (as skipping it is one of the major cause for obesity) and prepare your meals for rest of the day for healthier eating.

Reasons to rise early

earlyYou need to adopt this lifestyle change to rise early for many reasons to enjoy your living in a better way and not lag behind in your personal and professional lives. Some of the reasons are:

  • You are always late for work
  • You skip your meals because you have no time to cook
  • You are gaining weight
  • There’s no time for exercise
  • You have no ME-time
  • You have lots of pending things
  • You are stressed out all the time
  • You have no time to socialize with friends
  • There’s no family time

Benefits of rising early

Improvement and optimization of your performance- increases productivity: Throughout the day we are busy at our workplaces with our heads crowded with thoughts of piled up work that has to be finished, constantly multitasking at work and home which lowers the IQ level. Therefore rising early allows us to stay focused on important tasks that need to be completed effectively. You can plan and layout your day activities effectively as you have enough time to focus and complete them. This even makes you more organized and hence, more productive.

Positive outlook: You tend to adopt a positive outlook towards everything in life as you are more energized, have more time for yourself. Your negative energies vanish off. The positive framework of mind and brain helps them to function well.
More energized: You feel a gain of energy as you become more productive, the release of Dopamine after completing of tasks on or before time gives you a great sense of accomplishment and that greed to do more.
More organized: With enough time, you can organize things in a better and organized way to perform across the day ahead. You are able to complete things within due date and o time.
Enough time to exercise: Early rising can give you the time for yourself which you can utilize effectively to work out in a gym or go walking or jogging in the park. This helps to keep you fit and healthy. The early morning routine of exercise is a great way to stay fresh as exercise releases endorphins which are feel-good hormones and plenty of them released in your body at an early start can leave you in a good and actually happy mood throughout the long day.
Enough time to rest: After facing the tiring day and hectic schedules, your body needs rest and sleeping early can provide you rest properly as the brain functions at that time to heal your body. And rising early can help you accomplish tasks on time which can give you more time to relax before starting with the next task.
Less traffic and hence, easy commuting: To avoid commuting in the Rush hour of traffic, it’s better to go early to your work and be more productive. Since early hours have less traffic, you can reach your destinations before time and are not stuck in the traffic.
Fewer distractions: With more time in hand, and after you are more organized you tend to have fewer distractions in your work. As you can do your work effectively on time, you do not face distractions due to your head crowded with lots of things to do.
More family time: Early rising gives you more time to spend with your family in the day and before you sleep. Family time is the leisure time that calms your brain and relaxes your mind. This also provides you with great pleasure and happiness.
Better mental health: With exercising, scheduling things, you have time to be yourself. You achieve better mental health and state of well-being. As the early morning air is fresh, you can go out for nature walk which can give you a piece of mind and stress-free environment to relax and enjoy nature.
Healthier eating habits. As you get more time to cook and plan your meals for rest of day, you adopt healthy eating habits. With eating home-cooked meals throughout the day, you are away from obesity and other health related diseases by avoiding munching junk foods.
Serenity: Early morning is the time of calmness and serenity around, which brings peace in you too. The outside air is very fresh and the scene outside is too serene.
No more skipping of breakfast: When you rise early, you actually have time for breakfast. Skipping breakfast is not considered healthy as your body tends to get low on energy and you end up eating junk or more food during lunch.
Monitor weight: After adopting healthy eating, you will be able to track and monitor your weight. Eating home-cooked meals will help in weight loss. You will have more time to prepare home cooked meals for your day.
More at ease: With early rising habit, you will be more at ease with everything. You will have a comfortable time to finish things or to reach somewhere. You will be at ease with your routine going smoothly and effectively.

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How can you become an Early Riser?

 Early Riser

  • Don’t make drastic changes suddenly.
  • Develop routine slowly and gradually.
  • Try to sleep earlier.
  • Stay from gadgets before sleep and after you wake up.
  • Put your alarm clock far away from your bed so that you get up to put it off.
  • Do not rationalize to have back in bed as an option.
  • Adopt a reason to get up early, either an exercise, writing or any physical activity.
  • Avoid wasting time after rising early, taking advantage of the extra time to schedule and perform things effectively.

With time you will realize that there is magic in the early morning. This is the time when the day is quiet and minds are naturally clear off stress, this is the time when our tendencies enhance to focus inwards. You will see the significant benefits if you start embracing early rising. This is the best time to focus on what’s best for you.

Make use of this opportunity to be most in tune with yourself, so own your day, greet your day, be more organized and take steps towards lifestyle modification and be healthy and fit.

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