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Our approach towards life is our outlook on life and its ways. This is particularly important for attaining stability and living life to the fullest. As it is said:

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.”Dennis P. Kimbro

There are happier and difficult times in each of our lives, but our attitude to look at life in those times give us that strength and stability to love. A positive mind will always help you in good times giving you more and more strength, power and stability, and at the same times staying positive in our tough times will evolve as a human being by becoming positive and constructive and working towards better.

What is a positive outlook?

A positive outlook is a mental state that expects best to happen; it is acquiring of positive thinking which keeps negative thoughts to not let affect you or disturb you.

A positive attitude and positive outlook make you feel good and happy which makes life smile at you as well.  A person with a positive frame of mind develop and inculcate good characteristics as

  • Optimism
  • Motivation
  • Constructive thinking
  • Happiness
  • Positive thinking
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confidence

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.” – Bo Bennett

The first thing a person should do is to work consciously over one’s own physical development. There may be times when you would lack balance and tumble backward, but this would definitely take you a step ahead in building more optimistic outlook and you will be in awe of ways of living life positively. With positivity in your head, you tend to learn to develop a focused mind and master your thoughts.

Over the years I have developed a positive approach towards my life in every sort of happy and tough time, and life has become more sorted out. A positive outlook makes your journey of life smooth and enjoyable with every move you make. Here, I discuss with you 10 most effective habits to have a positive outlook that I have learned over the years.

1 – Look for the optimistic approach in a negative situation.

optimistic approach in a negative situationOptimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence” – Helen Keller

Whenever you are stuck in a negative situation, instead of thinking about the negative outcomes or negative situations because of that you should focus on building a more positive outlook by learning from that particular situation, gaining experience through that very situation, thinking good and positive about that situation. If you get yourself stuck in that negative blame game, you will be in the stress of how things may go worse because of your situation. Therefore, develop positive thinking to come out of that negative situation and focus on the better move.

2 – Create a positive environment around you.

positive environmentThe environment in which you live in or work, who you spend time with, how you spend time, sources of information provide a huge effect on your approach towards life and your outlook towards every situation. To stay positive in your approaches, you should have influences in your life that gave you support and became a source of uplift instead of dragging you down.

Think of the negative environment around you and negative people surrounding you and negative sources of information and focus on spending the least time over them and try developing more positive environment around you. Positive surroundings help you think wisely, work efficiently, provide stability with a more positive approach.

3 – Exercise regularly – eat n sleep well

Exercise regularlyExercising releases endorphins- that are happiness hormones and gives you joy. A good night sleep makes you relaxed and stress-free and eating well- that means healthy not junk!! Can trigger an optimistic approach and positive outlook. And obviously, you cannot think efficiently if your stomach is empty and you are facing those hunger pangs and if you really had a sleepless night. You must stay focused on your these basic habits that may obviously sound boring but they are really helpful in personality development and positive outlook as well.

4 – Don’t let criticism affect you

Criticism can obviously harm your self-respect and hold people back from taking steps towards what they want in life. Do not let criticism affect you and instead take it in a healthy way as this will get you least hurt and affected. Follow simple basic approaches to fight criticism:

  • Do not reply right at that moment, take some time to think instead of venting out your anger at the same time.
  • Learn from the criticism remarks, stay open-minded and listen to the person with a cool mind.
  • Criticism is not always about you, it can be anger lashed out by someone who is having a bad day or bad time at work.
  • Reply wisely, either be kind at giving an answerback or just let it go if it’s not required to reply.

5 – Don’t just make a mountain out of a molehill

You must learn to handle situations very carefully and wisely. There is no need to stress yourself out at real issues where you tend to lose out your perspective. Consider the size and depth of a problem before making an issue over something.

  • Keep calm and distract your mind to not go along that path of creating a mountain out of a molehill.
  • Practice in and out deep breathing to avoid sudden reactions in anger
  • Get a wise and grounded perspective of someone else who is reliable or take your time to get a perspective before you react to your thoughts of creating an issue over a minor problem.
  • Focus on the problem only if it can be handled wisely otherwise just let it go positively learning from the situation.

6 – Overcome vague fears

Sometimes when you prepare yourself to take a chance in life, or develop a new habit or routine, start a new thing in your life, you get nightmares of what will happen next or what would be the outcomes. You really must not let your fear-fueled mind affect you or hold you back from moving ahead and doing what you want in your life. Step out of your comfort zone and overcome your false fears, if you think negative, it is really obvious that pretty unlikely things would happen and that is all because of your mind which runs wild due to fear.

Get up and try new things in your life thinking of positive outcomes or else you can never do what you want to do in your life. Be strong, be positive, do not let feared mind distract you. Don’t worry about the failures, think positive in a way that failures teach you giving you experiences.

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7 – Add positivity to others life

It is usually said what you give to others and the world, you tend to get back the same in return. Just do not expect, it is not that you always get good for doing good, but your good deeds really pay-off. The way you treat others, you will get treated the same way, so spread positivity and give value to others life. Your behavior towards others describes you, add positivity to others life by:

Helping out others by lending them a helping hand when required, or helping them in any situation as this will create a satisfactory feeling and give you more positivity.

Be emotional support to others when they need a shoulder or when they just want you to vent out their feelings and emotions. Guide them if they need and encourage them through a tough time, show them a positive path and be a stress reliever.

Smile at others and be kind to others. Be a mood booster by taking out your friends or close ones having a bad time. Encourage them to stay happy and positive in every situation of life, spread positivity around.

8 – Start your day with a positive mind

Start your day with a positive mindThe vibes of your day in the start set the same tone for the rest of the day, a positive start leads to a happy day and similarly a bad start or stresses thoughts ruin your thinking power causing a drain in energy leading to an awful day. Therefore, you should be slow and steady with uplifting discussions at the beginning of the day, reading inspiring pieces that will lead to a positive framework set for your mind. If you start your day in rush and hurry, mind full of stress and troubles ahead of the day, lost thinking power, it is certain that negative thoughts will pile up in your mind. So set yourself free from such thoughts by starting your day relaxed and packed of positivity and enthusiasm. You can start your day with a positive mind by

  • Going to bed early and rising early to get used of that “me –time”
  • Read inspiring stories or articles to motivate yourself.
  • Plan your day ahead wisely and also plan and prepare healthy meals for your whole day.
  • Enjoy nature in the early morning, the chirping of birds and fresh air releases your mind off stress.
  • Be cheerful and make others happy in the house too.

9 – Make mindful moves ahead of your day

Connect your mind and body to the present moment in your life, this creates a balance and surround you with positivity. This way you learn to live life practically instead of making emotional moves. If you let your mind think of past or worry about future, you will be stressed and thinking of your past will remind you of your failures which will eventually lose your mind and focus and especially time thinking of your failures or regrets – this will make you more negative.

Pay your full focus and attention to your present moment, this way you stay focused with all your senses. Make mindful moves by moving slow and focused at every moment without getting lost in the past.

  • Enjoy all the little things you do every moment.
  • Give your full attention to every move you make in a day.
  • Do not overthink about your future and stress unnecessarily.
  • Let the past be past, do not think and lose yourself to it. Just let it go!
  • Cherish all that you do. Enjoy nature. Get your senses wide- enjoy goof fragrances, hear good thoughts and music, feel all emotions- feel the sun and nature, gather positivity from all around.
  • Give time to your loved ones and your family – that brings a lot of positivity.

10 – Improve your self-esteem

When you think about yourself- there is only one opinion that matters the most and that is only YOURS! Self-esteem is actually how we value ourselves and consider our self-worth.

Low self-esteem can drag you back from what you do and leave you feeling too low. You tend to think negative and worry about doing things. It is necessary to raise your self-esteem to gain that strength, positivity and overcome your fears. High self-esteem can bring out confidence in you and you do things with much more positivity and enthusiasm.

People who have a positive mind and outlook tend are much happier, better decision-makers and thus better performers as well. Adopting a positive outlook will help you cope with all your daily matters at work, home and outside at ease and would help you in bring constructive changes in your lives. A positive attitude makes you optimistic, also, helps you avoid worries and stay away from building up of negative thoughts and turning pessimistic. A positive person always sees the brighter side of life and always expects the best and positive things to happen.

They learn from their mistakes and take them as experiences to apply in their life expecting all good in the future. Learn to stay positive, adopt positive outlook- stay calm, have patience as changes do not happen overnight, but, a positive approach and perseverance would definitely make it happen.

Stay positive and enjoy happiness and joy in your life!



Nimarta, a post graduate in life sciences, working as a content writer.

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