Fashion Trends That Will be Big In 2020

Whatever is in fashion has a great demand, the fashion trends inspire youth and fashion lovers. Girls have always styles and clothing in their mind if they are the greatest trend followers and just love clothing. 2018 was filled to brim with a lot of fashion moments that were iconic, be it the simple bike shorts, tropical prints or the 1960’s retro style floral prints, 1980’s silhouettes to return of tiny sunglasses from 1990‘s. Here, is a quick run-down of the upcoming fashion trends in 2019, a forecast based on the fashion shows. The fashion trends are fueled by the designers who exhibit their work at the fashion shows mainly New York fashion week. One of the famous trends that have been hit last year and are expected to be on the game this year as well is based on exaggerated tailoring i.e. puffy sleeves, asymmetrical silhouettes, tailored separates and suiting have been statement-making trends.

Tie-dye fashion

Tie-dye fashionTie-dye is one of the most exciting trends of the past, it has been given a new life by infusing it with modern and edgy clothing.  Tie dye is a process of dying the fabric after tying, folding, pleating and binding with a waxed thread or rubber bands so that the dye could cover only the exposed parts of the fabric.  It has been a trend of 1960’s and yet again emerged as a fashion influencer in summer 2018, but this time it has got a new look n modern update by layering tie-dye over the florals, and creating the art infused dresses as a fashion outcome. Tie- dye has owned a very specific space in the throwback fashion trend.

Marigold yellow- the color of the season

Marigold yellow- the color of the seasonAs portrayed in the New York fashion week, the designers exhibited dresses in marigold yellow shades and thereafter this color has been witnessed as the color trend of 2019 summers. From bags to shoes, this color is promisingly out there as a fashion trend in 2019.

Go for it girls, stock up your wardrobe with this amazing yellow shade to pervade your wardrobe. It is a super wearable and is believed to become the next Gen Z yellow in summers of 2019. The collections arriving in stores this summers may inspire you to go a little bolder for fashion trends in 2019 with golden yellows, lime greens, as well as bright oranges. It is an energetic shade by directly affecting the serotonin levels on wearing this gen Z yellow color. As yellow color reflects a lot of light, adding this amazing color to your outfit will obviously surround you with positivity.

Puffy Statement sleeves

Puffy Statement sleevesPuff sleeve blouses and dresses are making a major way this season creating a lot of drama and statement to the clothing. Padded Puff shoulders have been caught up in trend with broad necklines, gathered at the shoulder with pleats of elastic, and they go well with square necklines on feminine dresses. Statement sleeves that are voluminous at the top and cuffed tight at the wrist have been in 2018 and will continue to hit the market in 2019 as well. Simple shirts with puffy statement sleeves strike a right balance with fitted jeans, trousers or pencil skirts. Dresses and tops with puffy shoulders and statement sleeves have won the heart of all the fashion lovers as well as fashion bloggers as depicted all over the Instagram. Puff sleeves have been both flattering and playful and can seriously elevate the style quotient of any simple feminine dress.

Glitter & sequins

Glitter & sequinsGoing back to the era of 1970’s, glitters and sequins, glitter and sequins were more strictly restricted to nightwear in the disco. But since 2018, the game has changed with the return of the glittery fashion. From makeup with glitter, gloss and shimmer to dresses, evolution in the trend is being seen all around.

Glittery eye makeup in varied colors, and different shades of glitter n sequins are available for wearing outfits in day as well as night, preferably softer colors like pink or rose gold to wear in the day time outfits. The fashion trend in 2019 is all about sporting glitter and sequins in the day. In case you are hesitant wearing the glitter, try wearing one sparkly piece at a time and have fun with the look.


FringesFringe gives your garment a unique style with a bold look. They are back on the fashion lane since last year. Many fashion lines like Alexander Wang and Dior exhibited the fringe style in their fashion runway shows and it has been spotted on variety of dresses, shoes, bags, gloves and interestingly there have been glasses seen with the fringes too. It can be worn leaving the rest of the outfit basic and simple. Fringe dresses or accessories are an eye catcher and gives that extremely cool and relaxed chic look. It gives you effortlessly fashionable look with ease and comfort. The fringe bags are fashion statement that are accessorized with a simple outfit to give that glamourous look. Dramatic fringes in different outfits or jackets add a dash of glamour to any boring outfit. Fringe jackets are the most in trend this season.

Summer waterproofs- PVC

PVC clothing has become a fashion trend and will be seen more in 2019. It is a shiny clothing made of plastic i.e. Poly Vinyl Chloride, also called as Vinyl clothing has been a rage in Spring 2018 and continues to be in fashion trends in 2019.  It seems to be quite boring giving you a feeling of that raincoat look but interestingly they make an eye catching statement piece treated with dashing prints and varied dyes. This plastic look is most notable from clothing like jackets, dresses, trousers to shoes and transparent clutches and bags. You can obviously try this glamorous fashion trend with a sleek plastic boots or a completely see through purse. Oversized coats made of PVC are quite a fashion statement mainly Miu-Miu and Calvin Klein coats adorned by style celebrities on the streets. It has been one of the biggest trends on and off the runway and can provide much versatility to your fashion statement.

Floral trends

Floral trendsFloral patterns with dramatic colors, large floral designs is an age old trend which can never go out of style. Every season witnesses a new floral patterns with a twist, the recent being matching the floral print with a check pattern. The most recent floral trends in 2018 were inspired by the retro styles of 1960’s. The vibrant colors provide that positivity and breezy look creating a dramatic style. Flowers are a symbol of femininity and delicacy portraying the beauty of women and this is represented through floral patterns and designs. The emerging fashion trend is all flowers everywhere in jackets, pants and dresses etc. many recognized designers as Christian Dior would be using flowers as the denominating trend in their collections during runaways- more commonly used will be flowers patterns depicting femininity either through bold and bright flowers and colors or sober patterns. Flowers will always be a part of the fashion world for every woman’s likes – sober to extravagant.

Oversized denims- mom jeans

Fashion trends change every year, they come and go but it is the denim jeans that has never gone out of fashion and is always staple in the closet of every girl. Denims are forever love for every age group and the trend has been consistent, though there has been change in the particular style of denim every year. In the recent years, denims have changed from cropped and flared to frayed hems to the recent as worn by Rihanna – the layered jeans. The most famous trend that is going viral is the oversized denim jackets worn over dresses or the high-waist mom jeans adding to the style. For that oomph and style, try wearing these mom jeans with textured coat or a shirt dress and chic kitten heels. For a casual evening outing, wear an oversize blazer just as a top, try trench coats or statement tops to elevate your style quotient.

Jumpsuits and Boiler Suits

Jumpsuits and Boiler SuitsBoiler suits give you that effortless and stylish, they are in heavy demand and are seen heavily circulated at fashion runways. They along with providing ease and comfort, maintain the statement appeal. There are wide variety of boiler suits available in the markets to choose from leather pieces to unique designs offering sleek to minimal designs. They have become a must have item in every girl’s wardrobe for their more utilitarian approach. You can find them in more muted colors as khaki and army green.  Get yourself a neutral or navy colored tones to meet the trend as it looks classy. Wear your style with pride keeping in mind the ease and comfort provided by the outfit. These Utilitarian designs appeared in all the major fashion cities in the fashion weeks and it stood out from the rest styles. To rock the fashion and style look for yourself, pick a perfect cut and color that suits you best. The boiler suit/jumpsuit fashion trend is a quite simple one to pull off. You can pair them with slides, flats, sneakers or low boots. Accessorize it by adding something glitzy – brooch or pair of long earrings or a wide belt -Try them and hit it out! Clothing and fashion are part of a girl’s life, which is actually incomplete with accessories, footwear, purses, watches and jewelry. As the fashion changes for the clothing, in a similar way, trends change for shoes, bags and all that elevates your style and fashion.

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Chunky bracelets, fringed chokers, mismatched earrings, multiple statement rings, single earring worn in just one year and leaving the other free, charms jewelry  has been very dominating. Jewels attached to clothes has become one of the accessory fashion trend of spring/ summer 2019. This adds a bling to your simple outfits. Body jewelry adorned over torso and wrapped over shoulders and around waist give sexy and seductive looks giving the vibes of a warrior princess. Many brand lines as Prada and Gucci have the fashion jewelry to up your fashion and style.

Feathery Accessories

Feathery AccessoriesYour accessories elevate your style and the recent accessories trends like embellishments in crystals and feathers over sandals and even on cross-body bags give a unique and fashionable feeling. Addition of soft feather or faux-fur embellishments to jewelry has become so popular and will be seen in spring and summer of 2019 accessories. Colorful feathers are in trend as they are worn as hoop earrings and bracelets, long earrings can also be worn as shoulder dusters, and in a most unique way they can be worn on open hairstyles, adding color and attraction to the hair.

Fancy flats and statement shoes

Embellished flats and heels with crystals, Feathers, and seashells, toe ring and strappy sandals, animal prints will be seen in the spring fashion trends of 2019.

The dad sneakers and the statement trainers have been quite witnessed at the runways giving an indication of the continuing trend of dad sneakers but this time with its cousin – statement trainers. This year it is all about having fun with your footwear – flats, heels or shoes. Footwear can make your look more elegant and add a style to a simple dress. Sculptured heels and buckles can be highly available to finish your fashionable look at occasions. Embroidered footwear with detailing of indicating images in embroidery will be seen this year in spring and summer collections at stores.

Belt bags

Belt bagsThe belt bags will be seen with a makeover as seen at Burberry, the belt bag with sophisticated look. Belt bags adds class to a hands-free accessory and adding elegance to your simple clothing. You can wear them with your dresses, jumpsuits, denims for an attractive look adding to the ease of not carrying anything around.

Wide/ statement belts

Wide belts also add glamour to a simple outfit and can be accessorized on varied type of clothing. Investing in a classic wide belt is a good option and ensembles cinched with statement belts around your waist are eye catching.

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