Coffee goes beyond the cup

Changing Coffee trends: Transformation of coffee forms

Coffee has always been an excuse to get together with a friend. Sipping on a hot cup of coffees has been a trend from long may it be going out with a friend, socializing or some professional meetings. Coffee trends have been constantly changing and actually evolving as the new generation is turning to be the largest consumer of coffee. Coffee has been a fundamental part of our food culture now and the coffee trends have been changing at large for many reasons. According to the British Coffee Association, around two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily on regular basis. This has increased highly in recent years. With more coffee drinkers rising every day, the coffee trends are redefining the ideas of coffee as a classic beverage for increasing the sales and earn more income.

Coffee goes beyond the cup

Coffee is taking newer forms today, from a simple beverage to blend with syrup and colors as Frappuccino, a lot of change is being witnessed in the coffee forms. Coffee brewers are thinking beyond the bars to come up with innovative ideas to strategize the income profits.

In the latest trends, a very popular coffee chain Tim Hortons brought a new form of coffee as a caffeinated snack bar. It is made with the Tim Horton’s coffee beans called the Double Double coffee Bar which is similar to the size of a chocolate bar. It comes with a smooth and silky texture having Espresso Bean coffee finish without any chocolate whereas it is targeted for both coffee and non-coffee drinkers, it actually brings the caffeinated snack bar into the market. It is a beneficial step for the growth of sales and marketing.

Moreover, there is been a lot of more being manufactured for the caffeine-dependent youths from non-beverage options for that extra strong morning jolt at the start of the day to caffeinated soaps as Shower Shock. This caffeinated soap has been popular in the last few years due to its caffeinated ingredient along with peppermint oil. Caffeinated shaving cream, caffeinated toothpaste, and even caffeinated hair gel are also the newest caffeinated coffee alternatives in the market.

Day by day the increased demand for coffee is flooding markets with caffeinated products focusing the business growth and sales. There are many different forms in which the coffee can be consumed and therefore, there are top coffee trends that are revolutionizing the coffee industry.

Coffee trends aiming younger generations.

Coffee is popular amongst the younger generation, mainly 13-18 years old as the fastest growing demographic of coffee drinkers. This is, therefore bringing a rapid growth in the coffee industry in changing and recreating newer drinks appealing to the tastes and wants of the younger generations. The new coffee trends are according to the coffee consumer’s behavior and dependency on the coffee. The recent coffee forms that have been trending are expected to bring a change in the coffee industry are:

Ready-to-Drink Coffee
Ready-to-Drink CoffeeAs the younger generation is always on the move. They are increasingly on the go to college or to work, and they prefer for coffee and drinks which are easy to carry around. Ready-to-drink coffee is the ultimate quick fix for them for that extra boost of energy on the go. Ready-to-drink coffee is bottles of pre-made coffee, Frappuccino, or cold brew that are available at convenience stores or at gas stations. Their bottled versions are convenient to carry as they are very portable. These ready-t-drink coffees are loved by on goers also because of their sweetness instead of coffee bitterness are quite famous.

Coffee Shakes and Sweetened Alternatives

As the younger generations prefer a sweeter and creamier form of coffee beverages, therefore according to the trend and need, there are many forms of coffee drinks like coffee shakes, frappes and flavored lattes available in the market. These shakes are available at every small café shops, bistros and all coffee leading chains.

Colorful Café Latte
Colorful Café LatteThe last year has been famous for rainbow lattes with that glittery and colorful latte art with unicorns and other animated forms which were pleasing to the eyes as well as the taste bud of coffee lovers. With the growing digital trends of photography like Instagram, more colorful and crazier stuff gains immense popularity and hence all these colorful lattes- pink, black, green and purple lattes by Barista are out in the world with huge popularity and demand.

Super coffees

It has got famous for its healthy and rejuvenating benefits. Super coffee is actually your favorite coffee brewed along with an infusion of healthy fats like coconut oil or collagen or the goodness of protein powders. With recent trends in coffee, super coffee is going healthier and therefore greater in demand for health-conscious youngsters. Wholesome of superfoods in a coffee cup is becoming a strong alternative for smoothies and shakes.

Gourmet Coffee

There has been a great interest in the gourmet options as the newest generation focuses more on visual appeal and presentation. Gourmet coffee is being given importance as it is considered of high quality and is considered for those who want to take it to next level for better taste. Gourmet coffee has beans derived from single-origin or single estate. Nowadays gourmet coffee beans are available from regions across the globe with amazing taste and aromas.

Specialty Coffee Drinks

There are many types of coffee drinks and coffee flavored beverages that you can choose in addition to multiple selections of coffee beans. Coffee drinks range from iced drinks to shakes and to classic coffee varieties. Some of the recent coffee trends getting popularity are:

Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew CoffeeCold brew coffee is quite strong than the traditionally brewed coffee but with reduced bitterness and acidity. It is easy to make and prepare in bulk and nowadays extra ingredients can be added to get new and different flavors of the cold brew. This year may also witness cold brew sodas in the coffee shops and convenience stores. Cold brew coffee and drinks have become popular as the specialty drinks amongst the newer generation.

Nitro Coffee

It is the new trend that is getting popular out of craze. Nitro coffee is a specialty drink which is brewed by infusing coffee with nitrogen gas which results in a rich and creamy texture. It is getting favorite amongst those who like the very strong taste of coffee. It is being sold in cans that are portable and is getting immense popularity among the newer generation especially. It is being touted as of superior taste, health benefits and smooth texture compared to the classic coffee.

Buttered Coffee

Also called bulletproof coffee is the new trend in the coffee industry. Buttered coffee is made by blending high-quality coffee beans with powerful and healthy fats like butter or oil like coconut oil. Such coffee is getting popularity for helping in weight loss by burning fat. It is helpful in providing an energy boost, increases focus, helps in reducing hunger and cravings. It is mostly followed in the Keto diet to fight the hunger and kill cravings.

Coffee Cocktails

One of the coffee trends that you will see in a bar or restaurant, Coffee cocktails are the coffee-based cocktails mixed with alcohol giving a fun twist to the traditional drink. Espresso martinis, flat white martinis, Irish coffees, cold brew gimlets, and black coffee lagers are the types of coffee drinks getting popularity.

Non-Dairy Milk coffee

For extremely vegan lovers, Non-dairy milk variations are coming in the market and the latest is the nondairy coffee trend. Soy and almond milk are already being used but this year new options like oat, cashew, rice, coconut, and macadamia milk may be used as milk substitutes for lattes and other forms of coffee beverages. These plant-based milk are gaining specialty for health benefits and weight loss perspectives.

Charcoal Lattes

Charcoal lattes are a hot or iced drink made up of activated charcoal, coffee, and milk or milk alternatives which are believed to have a cleansing effect on your body by helping in detoxifying from inside out. They come in wide range of many flavors and interesting aromas. Its extreme black color and taste are exciting for the younger generation, so why not try it out.

Combined Coffee and Tea Beverages

Coffee and Tea combination with Milk

Also famous as Yuen Yeung, Kopi Cham in Malaysia or simply called as Coffee with Tea are a mixture of coffee and tea served hot or over ice. These beverages are usually made using extra strong drip coffee with Hong Kong style tea made of black tea, sweetened condensed milk, and sugar or they are made by blending the extra strong drip coffee with a sweetener or any syrup and milk to create a sweet, creamy coffee beverage.


It is a coffee cherry tea which is made by brewing dried coffee cherries and served hot or cold. This coffee beverage has a sweet, floral taste which is neither of a tea nor of a coffee. Cascara is actually the skin or the outer fruity layer of the coffee cherry after the coffee bean has been removed. It is an emerging coffee trend with a much lower level of caffeine than the coffee beans.

Dirty Chai/ filthy chai

It is made by blending tea concentrate, steamed milk, and a shot of espresso which can be served hot or cold. For that extra coffee taste and jolt, an addition of another shot of espresso is also preferred.

Black coffee trends that are transforming the coffee industry

Cold brew coffee

Cold coffee is made by brewing coffee in cold water – cold brew is a cooler method to cut away the acidity. It is much smoother to drink and it is much easier to make using just simple ingredients; coffee beans and water.  One of the most trending forms of cold brew is bubbly coffee which is brewed with tonic water and espresso. It is entirely different from iced coffee as the cold brew is made by soaking the coffee beans in room temperature or in cold water for up to 24 hours. Cold brew coffee has reduced bitterness and acidity than typical hot coffee.

Mushroom coffee

Mushroom coffee is the latest black coffee trends getting popular. This beverage is made by blending the grounded coffee beans and powdered fungus which has an earthy taste. It makes use of different

types of mushroom that are liquefied and dried to create its powdery form. This coffee is a healthier option with many health benefits as it makes use of the energy providing superfood- mushrooms which provide antiviral properties, antioxidants along with immunity boosters. Many varieties of mushrooms are used as Chaga mushroom, maitake mushroom, Cordyceps mushroom etc.

Black sparkling coffee

It is a refreshing alternative to coffee called sparkling coffee or coffee soda. It makes use of syrup, soda water and a shot of espresso turning out as a bubbly beverage. It comes in flavors like citrus or lemon combined with ice cold water soda and the twist of coffee in it, also available are honey lemon and ginger citrus flavors. These are being served in many well-acclaimed names of the coffee industry.

Drinking coffee is not the newest trend but the ways of consuming it hot or could have led to the rise of new coffee trends, experimenting with flavors and different kinds of infusions. With the rise in the coffee industry, the most significant coffee trend that is rising is ready to drink coffee. They are more visible because of their instant availability and portability. Most of the coffee trends are focusing on the newer healthier options to be incorporated in some way while brewing coffee keeping in mind the health benefits of added healthy ingredients and the sustained energy boost provided by the coffee. Coffee has been the second most sought after commodity in the world as drinking coffee is not just for getting that extra caffeine hit but it has in some way become a part of our life. New coffee trends are being developed for coffee drinking and coffee making promising a more rise in new coffee trends.



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