Best 10 Tips to protect your skin from sun damage

Secrets for glowing skin- skin nourishment

Secrets for glowing skin- skin nourishment

Winters are really harsh to skin with a chill in the air and skin getting dry and lips starting to crack. With dullness and roughness of the skin, it becomes important to rehydrate your skin and provide it required nourishment. In order to look young, very lustrous, glowing, flawless and beautiful, you must follow a definite skin care regime to clean and nourish your skin naturally.

Keep your skin Hydrated

Keep your skin HydratedDrinking water solves many problems for our body, may it be related to digestion or overall heath. The water actually keeps the body hydrated and helps the body as well as skin to get rid of all toxins. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day maintains the body’s optimal temperature and keeps skin soft, supple and moist. It helps in replenishment of skin tissues resulting in enhancing skin’s elasticity. Starting your day with a warm glass of water with added lemon juice alkalizes your body and cleanses it from toxins. You must avoid or reduce the amount of dehydrating coffee, tea, alcohol or soft drinks that dehydrate the body.

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Exfoliate gently

Exfoliation is buffing or removing off the dead skin cells gently to clear away the dead skin and get an even skin tone. Try making home mode exfoliation scrubs for exfoliating your skin naturally by making the scrub using easily available things in kitchen at your home. You must make it a key step included in your daily skin care routine. In order to exfoliate, moist your skin with water and using the scrub rub your face as well as body in a circular motion.

Use sugar, salt, honey, oats, coffee grounds, crushed walnuts, rice, apple cider vinegar etc to make home baaed scrubs. Finally rinse of the scrub with warm water and there you go with clean and clear glowing skin. Papaya is also used for exfoliation purposes.

Moisturize your skin

Moisturize your skin
Moisturizing your skin in a natural way keeps your skin radiant and glowing. It becomes necessary to apply moisturizers in winters for that extra nourishment, make sure that you are using chemical free organic products or natural products.

Coconut oil has been regarded as the best natural moisturizer, also milk, honey; an effective cleanser, aloe Vera and buttermilk are effective in providing nourishment and keeping the skin moist.  Avoid using chemical based moisturizers as they ruin the skin texture by getting quickly absorbed and damaging skin. You can also try giving yourself a good hand on massage with a combination of carrier oil and an essential oil blend. Follow a beautiful skin cleaning, toning, moisturizing daily ritual for that beautiful and long lasting glow.

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Revitalize Your Face skin

Using an organic fruit Mask, provide nourishment to your skin and revitalize it. Natural Beauty Mask help to in restoring dull skin texture, also provides hydration to the dull and tired skin. Using fresh fruits or natural ingredients make a face mask at home naturally.

  • Use oats for effective nourishment and moisturizing, it also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
  • Avocado can also be used to hydrate and nourish the skin with its naturally constituents vitamins A and E.
  • Papaya is also used for revitalizing effects, thanks to the presence of enzyme papain and vitamin A that provides nourishment to skin.
  • Yogurt is helpful in maintaining pH balance of the skin, presence of nutrients gives an instant glow and the enzymes and active cultures present in it reduce inflammation and balances pH revitalizing to healthy skin.

Use a skin toner

Use a skin toner
Toner helps in getting the even skin tone by providing extra hydration and closing the open pores.  Green teas have anti-inflammatory, brightening, cleansing and hydrating properties, making them ideal to be used a skin brightening tea toner. Hydrating sprays lik a rosewater face mist give that extra freshness and brighten the skin.

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Warm oil massage

Getting your body massaged deeply with hydrating and healing oil gives your skin a boost and radiance. The massage increases the blood circulation and blood flow dilating the blood capillaries and giving even skin tone. This enhances the nutrition to the epidermal cells of skin which encourages the cell regeneration.

Protection from sun damage

Protecting your skin from direct exposure to sun is essential for healthy skin and natural beauty. Too much of the sun exposure damages your skin and leads to premature aging, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and other chronic diseases. Harmful radiations as UV rays can have damaging effects on skin texture, elasticity and cause skin damage. It’s better to use good quality sunscreen lotions or creams and ensure to wear full covered clothes to get sun protection.

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 Sleep adequately

Sleeping for an adequate amount is extremely important for overall well-being. It is recommended to get seven to eight hours of sleep a night to recover the body from stress and relieve it from tiredness. Skin heals itself from damage and regenerates during sleep; also, hydration of the body is rebalanced while sleeping. If you do not sleep for enough time, a poor water balance happens and you get puffy bags under your eyes also resulting in dryness and more visible wrinkles

Exercise regularly

Any form of exercise is must for your skin and body to get that heart pumping and boosting blood circulation. May it be yoga, dancing, aerobics or jogging, any exercise form can result in slowing the aging process and increased blood flow providing nourishment to skin cells and increasing elasticity.

People spend a lot of money on make –up products and beautification therapies and treatments. Your body is the reflection of what they eat. So, eating healthy keeps you fresh, hydrated and nourished. Here we are enlisting few food items that nourish your skin from within and make your skin healthy and glowing.

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Cucumber: It flushes out unwanted toxins from your body which make your skin appear dull and lifeless. It is a wonder vegetable that is nutrient-dense and boosts your body’s health and digestion and gives your skin added lustre and glow.

Beetroot: These are responsible for glowing complexion as they are houses of minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium, also, containing vitamin A and E. It recovers the epidermis from damage and acts as a skin cleanser leaving your skin rejuvenated.

Sweet Potato: high amount of vitamins and complex carbohydrates present in sweet potato make it ideal for supple and radiant skin. It has beta carotene which gets converted into vitamin A on assimilated in bodies thus providing oxygenation to skin cells. They also help maintain skin pH balance that also encourages healthy skin.

Oranges: They are loaded with vitamin C, minerals, dietary fibre, and other nutrients making them the best choice to prevent skin diseases and infections. Presence of carotenoids and antioxidant protect the skin from harmful radiation and prevents pigmentation and inflammation. They provide immunity boost and protect the skin from infections and diseases.

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Garlic: It contains allicin which is a naturally synthesized chemical that reacts with blood to form an amazing product that destroys the unwanted bacteria and viruses in the body and works to improve body’s immunity. These have shown ability to slow down the aging of skin and leads to supple and young skin.

Carrot: Carrot is rich in beta-carotene which is a carotenoid responsible for its color. Beta-carotene pigment has antioxidant properties which prevent cell and DNA damage. Also the vitamin C content helps in skin healing by reducing the skin inflammation process.

Red Grapes: Their anti-toxic and anti-histaminic properties treat skin inflammations and also help in preventing allergic reactions on skin. They help in revitalizing skin due to presence of vitamin C and antioxidants in them.

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Avocado: They are nutrient dense and rich in fatty acids that keep the skin moisturised. In addition, they contain antioxidants, vitamins E and C, potassium and lecithin that provide to nourishment to skin cells leaving them moist, soft, supple and glowing. They help in improving skin texture and also boost skin vitality.

Nuts: all the nuts have high nutrition value that contributes to glowing and radiant skin.  Pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts contain mineral selenium which improves skin elasticity and enhances the production of immunity-boosting white blood cells which fight infections and pimples and reduces redness. The major causes of acne problems are zinc and selenium deficiencies and therefore, eating nuts serve as an antidote for fighting a bad case of acne.

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Oat Milk: Oat milk works wonders for your skin as it is lactose free, high in vitamin E, fibre, and folic acid. They protect our skin cells from damage due to sun, pollution and harmful chemicals. It is known to be effective against fighting itching and inflammation, known to ne effective against eczema and psoriasis. As said ‘you are what you eat.’ Keep focussed on following a healthy diet and stay from too much of fried foods. Keep yourself nourished with nutrient rich balanced diet along with including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diets. Your lifestyle habits influence your skin radiance and glow, therefore stay hydrated and follow a healthy cleanliness regime along with good food.

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