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Being a Fashionable person, not only works out by buying the expensive and branded clothes. It also requires a good sense of fashion and creativity towards the sense of clothing. Looking a fashionable person is not just about buying branded clothes, hitting huge malls or wearing trendiest. It’s about having good art and innovation about what you are going to wear. An artistic mind will always attract fashion. To become a fashionable guy there must be an innovative mind behind it.

You notice it or not but to look fashionable and attractive personality, you do not always have to keep the update on trendy looks. If the person has the art of observing the good color combination and also have the knowledge of acquiring what will suit them according to their physique? , then that person can also be fashionable and trendy. In this generation, everyone has the resource of internet to access trendy clothes, but acquiring that knowledge doesn’t make you a fashionable person. If you carry good sense of fashion then even without wearing expensive clothes you can be a fashionable person.

Acquiring a good fashion sense does not come at a sale in some store or malls, you can only attain it if you have a good artistic mind within you. Having a magnificent sense of fashion is really advantageous for the people who really want to look good and in this modern world, who doesn’t want to look attractive and good? Isn’t it? So with the aim to increase the fashion awareness here, we are with some qualities which an individual must possess in order to become an attractive or fashionable personality.

Here are the qualities which you must carry to make yourself an attractive and fashionable person.

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Knowledge of color combination

Fashionable personalities do not always look for trendy outfits. As in this modern era, everyone with the help of the internet has the knowledge of trendy clothes but that doesn’t make you a fashionable person. To look good you must carry the art of making a unique and magnificent color combination. This is one of the most important factors that one must carry to look fashionable and trendy person.

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What goes with your physique

It is one of the vital factors that an individual must carry in order to be a fashionable person. Everyone has their different physique according to which their outfit suits on to them. Your physique plays a vital role in making you what to wear?. If you have the proper knowledge of what to wear in which body figure then you possess a significant quality to become a fashionable person. For example- If you have a lean figure and on that lean figure if you wear a cardigan in upper wear then I don’t think it’s an appropriate choice to look an attractive person. The upper portion of the cardigan is open from the front which makes you look more shrink and thin than you already are and that’s the reason I really don’t think wearing a cardigan in a lean personality will be a wise choice. On the contrary, if you possess a broad figure then it will be really a wise choice to wear a cardigan in upper wear will surely look better on you.

Do not depend upon expensive clothes

You are living in a fantasy world if you really think that buying expensive clothes will make you charming. You can even look attractive by buying it from the normal shop, only the condition is that an individual must carry the knowledge of identifying the quality of the fabric. Intermediate shops also have fine fabric if you chose them wisely.

Knowledge of fabric combination

Normally if you are wearing some combination then you also must give importance to what type of fabric you are wearing with other fabric? If you carry this knowledge, then also you can have a good fashion sense which makes you a fashionable person. For example, if you are wearing denim jackets on upper wear and on the lower part of your body if you are wearing a cotton trouser then I don’t think that anything could be more absurd than that. The outfit will go lame because of your one bad attempt of wearing cotton trouser with it. You can wear jeans and even cargo with the intention to tempt the people to gaze their eyes on you.

Type of footwear goes on with the outfit

footwear goes on with the outfit
You will be familiar with the famous saying that “Decent footwear is always a remark of a Real Gentlemen”. The saying is well set for the fashionable person as if you really want to look good and attractive then you must have a good sense of which footwear will go on with the type of outfit you are wearing?. Type of footwear must be matching with the outfit you are wearing. For example – If you are wearing denim wear then it will be appropriate to wear sneakers or maybe boots with them but if in any case, you wear formal or sportswear shoes with them it will totally be a shame to your fashion sense.

Try something different

If you have an artistic mind then you will always go for something unique or different from others. You will get easily bored with the common color combination or trendy outfits. A fashionable person will not go with the most common trends, he or she will always pick something new and unique and that will make him a fashionable and trendy personality.

Try to look as much shrink as you can

If you are going for any outfit then choose that one which makes you look thinner as it can. The more shrink you are going to look the more attractive your personality is going to be. Do not wear those dresses or outfits which make you look fat even when you are not. It can be the most nuisance thing that one can do to yourself.

Maintenance of physique

Maintenance of physique
One of the prominent things to look fashionable is to look good and to look good, the most significant thing is to remain fit. Until or unless you haven’t been able to maintain your fitness level or physique, you can’t be able to attract the people with your dressing sense. All outfits look good on a good figure, If you are not able to maintain your fitness level then I really don’t think you can be able to look good on any outfit you are going to wear.

Walking style

Why do you think that for being a model, the most prominent thing an individual requires is the walking style. It makes sense when you really observe a model with his or her walking style.

Carry on with outfit

Carry on with outfit
I don’t know you have noticed it yet or not but only wearing good clothes not only makes you an attractive personality or center of attraction of other people. If you want to look good with what you put on, then you should also have knowledge of carrying on those things properly. You should have the quality of carrying on with the kind of outfit you are wearing.

Our generation is progressing not only in the technical field but also reaching heights in the world of fashion. Youngsters of the generation get so much attracted towards the fashion that sometimes they symbolize our trendy world. Looking unique doesn’t mean you are looking good or fashionable. Sometimes you can also become the center of attraction because of your nonsense look. So it really doesn’t mean that if you are putting on something unique then you are going to look trendy.

Giving concern on all the above things, here I am with some tips which is really going to help you out in looking fashionable

Prefer heels

Prefer heels
Heels are in high priority of girls as it makes an individual look tall and tall personality are much attractive, which is the ultimate reason that tall figure is preferred in modeling. Try to put on heels as much as you can, as it is the only things in the whole world that can make you look tall even if you are not. This tip is not only for girls, the particular tip is also applicable to boys, as nowadays heels in men’s boots are also available in a convenient manner.

Prefer side bags

Casuals are put on by the people on a daily basis. To make those casual outfits more sassy and attractive, try side bags along with your casual outfits. Side bags play a vital role giving you a personified look as they become center of attraction in your whole outfit and make you look more attractive than others. Just make sure that the color of side bag must go with the color of your outfits. Brown, black and blue side bags are the common colors which go mostly with all colors.

Do not wear too many accessories

Accessories are the main components within your whole dressing sense which make your outfits look more adorable and spectacular. But wearing too many accessories along with the outfit can bring the absurdness in your whole outfit. Too much amount of accessories ruins your whole look and can even imply the viewers about your senseless way of dressing.

Prefer sunglasses

Sunglass is one of the most important attribute of all the accessories that a person can use. It goes with almost any outfit you wear and the most beneficial thing about the sunglass is that they go with the light colors and even with the dark colors. They make you look more classy and adorable as this accessory is the only preferred accessory which is mostly used by the people.

Choose your footwear wisely

Footwear is one of the most important attribute in all the material that an individual wears. These are the only wearing materials things have the power to make your dressing sense spectacular and worst one. So, your whole outfit basically depends upon the footwear you wear along with the outfit. Even foot wears are put on at the bottom but they are the first thing which ultimately is notices by the viewer.

 Go on with the layers

While wearing clothes on winters try to put as many layers as you can. The more layers you are going to put over your body, the more different you are going to look. Every layer with a different color is going to give you a cool look with the different combination

Try loafer socks

Socks with the shorter length should be preferred as the ankle of your feet will give you contrast with the remaining outfit you wear. Loafer socks give you a cool look and even avoid you from matching your socks with the remaining outfit.

Go with contrasts

The more contrast your outfits are going to be the more attractive you are going to be. Mix light color with the dark ones to make a tremendous contrast between the outfits you wear. Do not go with the combination of dark colors as it makes you look absurd. Basically, it also depends upon the color of the person who is going to wear it. If you are fair in color then you can wear the combination of dark and light colors but however, if you are not or you are dark then you can also have the option of making the combination of light colors in your outfit.

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